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Lab Analysis & Specimen Procurement 

Comprehensive Lab Analysis and Specimen Procurement Services at NuRemedy Wellness

At NuRemedy Wellness and MedSpa, we understand lab analysis and specimen procurement's critical role in delivering personalized healthcare. Our comprehensive lab analysis service is designed to provide accurate, timely, and detailed insights into a patient's health status.

The benefits of effective lab analysis and specimen procurement

The benefits of effective lab analysis and specimen procurement at NuRemedy Wellness and MedSpa include the following;

  • Our comprehensive lab analysis service delivers accurate, timely, and detailed insights into a patient’s health status, allowing personalized and targeted care.
  • Our specialists procure specimens with utmost care and precision, ensuring minimal discomfort to the client.
  • We follow rigorous protocols to maintain the integrity of every sample, guaranteeing reliable test outcomes for accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.
  • Our lab offers various services to address diverse health concerns, from standard blood and urine tests to more complex analyses.
  • Our exceptional provider works synergistically to interpret lab results, cross-referencing them with the patient’s health history and symptoms. 
  • By analyzing lab results and considering the patient’s needs, we devise tailored wellness programs targeting specific health concerns and promoting overall well-being.
  • We believe in a proactive approach to health, providing our patients with the information they need to make accurate decisions about their health and wellness.
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Our Lab Services

Services we offer at NuRemedy wellness

include following;

Vitamin and mineral deficiency screenin
Routine health check labs (CBC-blood counts, CMP-chemistry/electrolytes/ liver function and kidney function)
HIV Testing
Hepatitis Screening
Anemia Screening
Tuberculosis screening (TB Gold Serum testing)

Cholesterol screening
Viral disease screening (Rubella, varicella, Hep B, mumps, Rubeola)
Diabetes screening
Women’s and men’s health screening 

At NuRemedy, we prioritize quality, precision, and care in every test, ensuring accurate and reliable results for our clients. By offering comprehensive lab analysis and specimen procurement services, we empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being.

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